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To enhance accessibility and reduce phone tag, we ask patients to please use our secure online booking system. For urgent same day and next day appointments call our office as usual.


Forms require substantial time outside of patient care hours to be completed. Your doctor usually works on forms in the evenings or weekends. Due to a high demand of form completion requests, expect a 4-6 week turnaround time for your forms to be completed. Thank you for your understanding.


Missed appointments greatly affect healthcare provision, leading to longer wait times and denying urgent care to others. As a result, our strict cancellation policy requires you to call atleast 24-hours in advance to cancel your visit otherwise you will be billed for the missed appointment.


OHIP does not cover prescriptions (Rx) for insurance reimbursement purposes. To seek a Rx for insurance reimbursement for services like massage, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, stockings, orthotics, etc., a $20 fee per prescription applies. Please email your request to our office at:


Our office staff are hard at work accomplishing administrative tasks related to patient care. To minimize interruptions to their work, we have implemented an automated check-in process. Kindly use the check-in kiosk upon entering the office to complete your check-in.


We value everyone's challenges and understand bad days happen. However, it is unacceptable to direct frustrations towards our staff who are here to help. Such behaviors add injury to an already stretched thin and burdened healthcare system. As a result, our office has a "Zero Tolerance Policy" for abusive behavior of any kind. Patients engaging in disrespectful, threatening, or harassing conduct will be promptly discharged.

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